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What are the causes of the heating of the relay and what are the handling methods?

click:714 Date:2017-01-14

Causes of Relay heating:
1, the location of the center of contact abnormal fever, and the contact has fuse, melting, dissolution, curing and other phenomena occur, bad action. That is because the contact repeatedly switches, causing the continuous opening and closing of the arc.
2. The circuit inside the relay is fusing and the contact is dissolved and solidified, and the action is bad. This is likely due to abnormal overcurrent over the rated current of the contact.
3 、 the local short circuit of the coil has fused, the coil is broken and the coil remains abnormally hot. The voltage may be applied to the coil.
Treatment of heating of relay:
1, for the AC specifications of the relay voltage shall not be less than 90% of the rated voltage; for the DC specifications of the relay voltage shall not be less than 79% of the rated voltage; avoid high frequency switch.
2 、 Safety Design of the circuit to prevent the passing current of more than contact point through the contact circuit.
3. Do not apply voltage above the rated voltage on the coil.