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What are the methods for handling contact adhesion of relays?

click:390 Date:2017-01-14

What are the methods for handling contact adhesion of Relays?:
(1) the movable tongue transverse and axial movement control in general 0.15~0.2mm, to prevent the severe wobble in the action after the contact fire caused galling adhesion.
(2) the position of the contact (moving and fixing) is reasonably adjusted, the movable part of the movable contact bridge is kept flexible, and the contact with the fixed contact point is smooth, and the integrity of the silver plating layer is satisfied. The starting position of the moving contact and the fixed contact distance should be controlled within 2mm, so as to maintain a certain initial contact pressure.
(3) check and contact elastic fixed contacts, keep 1/3 in the fixed contact piece when just turned on in contact with the moving contact and the fixed contact position, the termination stage action is 1/3 after contact piece, in order to ensure the process can continue to open, have some contact with some travel pressure. At the same time, the fixed contact piece has an elastic distance of about 0.5mm in the direction of elastic extension.
(4) the stop screw must be tightened after adjustment so as to prevent loosening and changing position after operation.
(5) must check the beginning of contact contact good, you can use stopwatch to check, once the contact is closed, stopwatch must stop, can not stop when you leave.
(6) must be large current impact test, above current must reach the rated current of the relay several times, the end position and contact to test the contact is not good, is not the severe wobble and the contact arc. If critical, the range of movement shall be re adjusted with the position of the anti vibration piece of the stationary contact.
(7) it is reasonable to check whether the fit between the contact and the load is connected with the capacitance.