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What are the methods for debugging relays?

click:696 Date:2017-01-14

What are the debugging methods of Relays?:
1, the relay before use should check whether there is damage in transport, is setting in the first set point, the hand will be moving to the direction of magnetic rotation system, and then open up, movable system should switch back to the original position, until the stop.
2. When the relay is readjusted, it must be guaranteed:
A, the axial movement of the movable system is 0. 15~0. Between 25mm;
B, the air gap between the poles and the film should be uniform, in any actions, and should not touch the rotor pole;
C, in motion, the movable system must not stagnate in the middle position;
D, when the pointer from the first scale rotation to the maximum scale, the gossamer ring must not collide;
E when the contact is in the open position, the total air gap between the static and dynamic contacts is not less than 1. 5mm;
The clearance between the F, the static contact piece and the limiting piece is 0. 1mm to 0. 3mm.
3, the minimum relay setting value adjustment, the main force is the size of the largest change hairspring setting value, adjustment is mainly to change the moving plate and the air gap between the magnetic pole.

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